Thursday, November 15, 2007


By Alex Hash

The cleavage between temporal and eternal is the greatest delusion of consciousness – Nikolai Berdyaev

Respected Musharraf /Than Shwe:

What life and what freedom?
Swollen, bleeding and burdensome,
The yoke still on my neck,
Woe harnessed to suffocate within.

I am pale dead in your bile bed.
This dog my god, my brain turned sod,
To reap your winsome smile,
Burnished by your evil guile.

My corpse cohering in,
Off from your gnashing teeth pull.
Now clad in white lobe,
No more raven amber robe.

Justitia brought back to life,
Free from your whipping strife.
Hear the thunder of Aaron's rod:
Your dog is now your god.

People of Pakistan and Burma

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